The ninth academic conference of the geophysical technical committee of the chinese geophysical society ended perfectly

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May 21-23, 2021, Geomative was invited to participate in the "Ninth Academic Conference of the Geophysical Technical Committee of the Chinese Geophysical Society (CGT2021)-Global Geophysical Exploration and Intelligent Perception Symposium" successfully held in Wuhan, Hubei. Well-known experts at home and abroad and top equipment manufacturers in the industry gathered in Optics Valley. Geomative was honored to be invited to participate in this seminar, and shared a case report at the "Topic 8: Well and Environmental Detection Technology" meeting, and demonstrated the latest Geomonitor online monitoring system.

Seminar background

This seminar will focus on 13 topics including deep earth, deep sea and deep space geophysical technology, fine geophysical exploration technology for near-surface and underground space, and geophysical sensing technology.

Workshop scene


The conference kicked off with a speech by Professor Hu Xiangyun, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee and Dean of the School of Geophysics and Space Information


The meeting was packed

Case report sharing

Geomative Geophysical Engineer Yan Haihu shares "Application of Geophysical Methods in Environmental Pollution Investigation and Monitoring"

Exhibition style

In this equipment exhibition, we brought the latest Geomonitor online monitoring system and the newly upgraded GD-20 multi-function multi-channel electrical method. Over the years, Geomative has been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation and independent research and development. As early as 2017, it has started the research and development of the online monitoring system. After verification of multiple projects, the functionality and stability of the product have been unanimously recognized. Successfully commercialized. In this exhibition, we also noticed that many manufacturers in the industry have also started the research and development of online monitoring systems, which further proves that online monitoring will be an important development direction in the future. The water test function based on the newly upgraded GD-20 system has also received much attention.




Exhibition exchange scene


Group photo with Professor Rujun Chen from Central South University

This equipment exhibition provided a broad platform for Geomative, and demonstrated the strength of Geomative to industry experts and enterprises from all over the world. I believe we will use the opportunity of this exhibition to establish contact with more customers and open up a larger market.


Group photo of Saiying Dimai staff

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