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After-sales Service Announcement

Maintenance time and scope

1) The host of GD-10 enjoys a 24-month warranty; the high-density cables, smart cable head, jumper cables, batteries, etc. 12-month warranty.

2) Party B is responsible for free maintenance during the warranty period. Party A shall bear the replacement costs for the damages to components and parts caused by improper operation of Party A.

3) Service efficiency: Should the equipment fail in or outside the warranty period, Party B shall provide remote technical support within 8 hours where a software failure occurs, or, Party B shall find out the causes within 24 hours and coordinate the depot repair or replacement of the equipment where a hardware failure occurs.

4) Principles: Party B shall repair and replace the components and parts damaged due to quality reasons for free during the warranty, and charge only the cost for the provided parts and components after the expiration of the warranty; for equipment damages caused due to human factors of the demander, the supplier may charge the costs for the repair or supply of accessories.

5) Update: Party A will provide system software upgrades for free within three years, including the addition of new features, methods and scripts.

6) Technical support: In the check and inspection of equipment, Party A will provide technical personnel to train technicians of Party B for 1-2 days on the equipment operation for free.

After the completion of acceptance, Party A will provide gratis technical solutions to any problems concerning the use of equipment during its operation.

Resources Download

Right click to download the following documents:

GD-10 Configuration Tables

Online Upgrade

Online Update Instructions


Solutions to Geomative-host connection abnormalities

Solutions to GD-10 system-related abnormalities:

  1.  Open circuit prompts
  2.  Problems of grounding resistance
  3. Overcurrent protection abnormalities
  4. Voltage protection
  5. Host charging abnormalities
  6. Insulation detection of ERT systems
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