Pace against time.13 people of soccer team had rescued in Thailand!

Last update time : 04/08/2019

Author : zhang jie

On June 23rd, a junior soccer team from Chiang Rai province, Thailand, comprising of a 25 years old coach and 12 male team members from 11-16 years old, entered and explored one of the caves within a national park, whom were trapped subsequently due to flood. The rescue mission of all 13 soccer team members triggered passionate efforts over the globe, in which multiple international rescue teams rushed to join effort in the largest scale rescue-and-search mission within Thailand in recent years. Up till evening on July 2nd, miracle happened and all 13 soccer team members who were lost for 10 days were discovered by rescue professionals, and fortunately safe and sound when found.

In this racing-with-time rescue mission, GD-20 multi-channel geo-electrical system (GD-20 system) developed by Geomative Inc. of Shenzhen division participated actively in the rescue mission and played a crucial role in the searching efforts. Professor Desell from Kassett University, Thailand and the rescue personnel joint forces by using GD-20 system to explore and investigate the karst caves and fractures. By integrating exploration data and borehole logs, the rescue team performed detailed analysis and gained deeper understanding towards the depth of caves and geological condition at the drilling locations, providing clear directions to rescue mission and revealing potential risks during rescue. In this time-challenging rescue race, Geomative Inc. helped the rescue team to win this life-saving contest by utilizing the powerful capabilities and features of GD-20 system, including the multi-channel acquisition, rapid measurement, robust field adaptiveness and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio functionalities.

Professor Desell, the Thailand representative and technical consultant of Geomative Inc., implemented geophysical exploration method in the rescue mission, GD-20 ERT approach in particular, were deployed to pinpoint exact location and depth of the cavities and successfully directed rescue personnel into the caves, rescuing all trapped soccer team members eventually. Professor Desell received interviews from multiple media presses and introduced rescuing process and the significant part where GD-20 unleashed its powerful capability during the rescue mission.

Professor Desell interviewed by ABC


Professor Desell and rescue personnel inspecting site topography


GD-20 Multi-channel electrical system deployed in rescuing mission


Professor Desellutilized GD-20 system to perform cavity topography exploration

Restricted by the site geological condition, the most complicated part of the rescue mission is how to enter and exit the caves without risking the lives of any personnel. Through the geophysical exploration by GD-20 system, the suspected cave is over 500m below ground surface. However, by borehole logging analysis, the region of the suspected cave is shale layer instead of limestone layer. Exact cave location is therefore rapidly delineated from the hill peak direction through the data fusion from multiple exploration data. Food and water are initially transferred into caves to ensure the survival of the trapped members, while excavation works are performed gradually after inspecting geological conditions closely to pinpoint the cavity location.

The inverted resistivity profiles performed at the trapped area are shown as below:

After rescue mission of around four long days, the international rescue team achieved great success and rescued all 12 boys and their coach from the flooded cave.

In this rescue mission, GD-20 performed accurate and rapid survey through its multi-channel acquisition capability, rapid measurement, robust site adaptiveness and other powerful features. Survey conducted on the cave region of the trapped soccer team revealed the site geological condition, providing clear rescue direction and revealing potential risks at the same time. This powerful characteristic matches the concept held by Geomative Inc. for a long time, which is “ To be fully committed to environmental investigation, monitoring, remediation and protection and maintain the safety and sustainability of human’s living environment, with innovative technique, cutting edge products and the utmost professional attitude”. Geomative Inc, will strive to innovate in a pragmatic fashion, contributing our effort to the health and safety of our living environment.

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