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Product Introduction

  • Geomative electrical system offers underground ERT resistivity testing solutions, breaking through traditional 1D VES methods for well logging. The ERT well logging method simplifies the field construction and wiring, greatly improves efficiency and data comprehensiveness. It supports the acquisition of SP, resistivity, IP and other high-quality data.


    -Geomative customized well logging cable extremely simplifies the wiring inside the well. It only requires to put the cable in the well and connect the head end of the cable to the exchanging junction box for automatic measurement.

    -For Well-Ground or Well-Ground-Well measuring methods, when stainless steel electrode is not allowed to be laid on the ground of the measurement environment, we provide an advanced plate electrode that only requires direct contact of the electrode with the ground, causing no damages to the ground environment, suitable for concrete floor measurement.

    -The high testing efficiency of half an hour allows data collection of over 2,000 sample points.

    - The test results show complete, simple and clear cross-section diagrams.


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