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Product Introduction

  • Geomonitor online monitoring system



    Geomonitor  online Monitoring Systme

    Online monitoring is basically established on the basis of current measurement space (either 2D or 3D) and added the time dimension. By comparing measurement outcomes from various time slices to initial state (background values), the anomalies of the monitored target is determined from this variation over time. Derived from electrical resistivity method, Geomative Inc. developed Geomonitor Online Monitoring System. The core of Geomonitor is based on our product of direct current electrical method, integrated with GeoCloud cloud platform, industrial control, network transmission and multiple transceivers. Geomonitor can monitor subsurface environment in real-time online, by conglomerating ground data from transceivers and the resistivity data with rich ground structure information. Through long-term continuous monitoring and time-lapse analysis, insights on the variation of surface and subsurface environment are revealed to clients. This is especially suitable for the monitoring of various subsurface contamination, leakage and seepage, illegal excavation and sewage discharge, mineral well and surface geological hazard determination.

    Geomonitor Online Monitoring System Networking Scheme


    Geomonitor Product Introduction

    Online monitoring system is required to be capable to operate stably and consistently in field for a long time. The server cabinet of Geomonitor Online Monitoring System adopted sealed enclosed design with waterproof, dustproof, thunder-proof capability and thermal exchange system design. Solar panels are also installed to provide power supply to the monitoring system. The dimension of the server cabinet can be customized and tailored to suit the demands in field, in order to satisfy the field application in different complicated or harsh environments.

    Online monitoring server rack is equipped with GD-20 monitoring host and switch system. Customized leading cables connected to the measurement panels are also available to replace the sophisticated ERT cabling in-situ. The electrodes are connected to the measurement panels through single connecting cables. The whole monitoring system can support electrode system up to 600 channels and the expansion package of multi-channel measurement.


    Case1 Earth dam seepage and leakage monitoring

    An unnamed reservoir is located in hilly terrains with approximately south-north direction, with knife-shaped contact mountain range at the north side. It spans 14km in south-north direction and is around 4-5km wide in east-west direction. The whole area is low flat hilly region of lower than 500m. The monitored cross-section is situated at both sides of the dam, where the dam crest is concrete road of 10m wide, east side of the dam is filled with rock piles and west side of the dam in formed from soil and rocks.



    Case2:Monitoring in situ remediation of hexavalent chromium pollution



    Case3 Online monitoring case  study of piping network leakage



    Case4Contaminated site monitoring and remediation process evaluation



    Case5Landslide and slope monitoring

    This case study was mainly comprised of the effluent tailing storage, mineral piles, solid waste landfills and so on. Seepage condition around the site perimeter was the main investigation target of this site, in order to evaluate the intactness of leakage sealing works previously conducted for rock and soil dam. Previously conducted works were assessed for whether those could effectively prevent waste discharges from leaking and for aged constructed regions with potential leakage. Through the online monitoring of Geomonitor system, the leakage condition at the perimeters of the tailing dam were measured and monitored long-term.



    Online Monitoring Development Trend

    The development trend of online monitoring system in engineering field can be mainly divided into two topic, namely fully automation and early-warning system. Through realizing fully automated control, manual operation is only required for installing measurement device and parameter setting, monitoring operations from data acquisition to data analysis are fully automated. By defining early-warning threshold value to evaluate the degree of variation, in case the varying degree exceeded pre-defined threshold value, early-warning message will be issued to corresponding personnel and departments immediately. In scientific research field, online monitoring system can collect massive amount of real world data and eventually form a big online database. Currently artificial intelligence (A.I.) is infiltrating and developing among every field of study, its application in environmental and engineering geophysics field also has the same application value. Geomonitor from Geomative Inc. provided extreme potential in the application and development of AI in shallow surface geophysics.

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