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Product Introduction

  • The GD-10 series geoelectric system is a newly developed new electric system with a large breakthrough compared with similar products. It has the characteristics of large transmission power range, high signal precision, complete test function, simple and light field test wiring, and low maintenance cost for long-term use.

    The GD-10 Basic model is the lowest configuration mode in the GD-10 series and can be used for one-dimensional sounding (VES), including resistivity and natural potential testing.

    The one-dimensional resistivity test connection diagram is as follows:


Product function

  • 1D RES Souding

    When testing , it can be transmitted through the host, the maximum power can reach 7200w (1200*6A), and the host is equipped with four electrodes for one-dimensional resistivity test, which can be upgraded.


Product features

Perfect DC resolution

  • BP-450 power supply, lithium battery, compact and high C/P value, supports three voltage level of 150V, 300V and 450V with current limitation function.
  • GP-5000 current rectifier supports maximum power of 5kW, established on the latest digital power supply technique with adjustable output voltage range of 50-1000V, maximum current of 5A and conversion efficiency over 90%.
  • BP145 power supply supports three voltage level testing of 48V, 96V and 144V. Supports up to 2A current output and multiple host series connection. High stability and reliability with high C/P value.

Automated stacking for data quality enhancement

During the data measurement process, GD-10 automatically analyzes signal strength and data quality to determine whether long measurement period and stacking mode should be activated. For sites with strong signal and good data quality, measurement system continuously sweep and scans in high efficiency mode until bad data quality is detected, in which long measurement period or stacking mode would be elaborated to enhance data quality to the maximum extent. Clients can also set stacking amount according to any survey points, survey layers or individual tasks.

BP145 power characteristics

  • It adopts the switch of the MCU control output voltage to achieve the soft switching of the main power and reduce the frequent impact damages of the mechanical switches from hard switching.
  • The service efficiency reaches more than 95%
  • The output voltage is adjustable and the input and output voltage is visible. It's available to use by series or parallel connection.
  • The integral aluminum alloy metallic enclosure has side plates that adopt the advanced design of shockproof ring, making the product firm and reliable.

High-precision synchronization acquisition error less than 1μs

Multidimensional data display, Discover and deal with all issues on-the-spot, instant positioning

Monitoring host instrument provides extremely rich software functionality, to assist clients in handling issues and adjusting settings under different field applications. This allows the data recording of various ambient data and survey procedures in a fashion as real, complete, objective as possible. Detailed functionalities are as follow:

  • It has alarms for the open circuit, the short circuit and the current voltage out-range, and problems can be found timely and solved instantly.
  • Main interface displays I, V, R0, η, M, the electrode locations of A, B, M and N. The bottom greyed interface shows the grayscale bar of V, I, R0, standard deviation at any specific survey locations. Total survey points, remaining survey points and estimated time remaining are also displayed during data acquisition.

Product Accessories

  • BP-145 power
  • GD-10 mainframe
  • Electrodes



  • Working temperature: -20℃~+70℃
  • Memory capacity: 8GB
  • External power: DC24~60V
  • Built-in battery: 16.8V lithium battery
  • Charging voltage: 100V~250VAC(50HZ/60HZ)
  • Weight: 8Kg


  • Accuracy: 0.3%±1uV
  • Dynamic Averaging: 24 bit
  • Noise rejection: ≥95dB
  • SP compensation: ±10V
  • Stacking: 1~255 times
  • Voltage range: ±24V


  • Current accuracy: 0.3%±1uA
  • Maximum Tx Current : 2A
  • Maximum Tx power: 500W
  • Maximum Tx Voltage: 250V
  • Protection: IP65, over-current, over-voltage, short circuit
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