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Looking for the right ERT Equipment for rent?

Developed with the latest digital and analog circuitry technology. GD-10 is a world’s leading multi-functional DC method instrument.
GD-10 is a Self- Potential, Resistivity and Induced Polarization meter. It supports conventional electrical sounding and cross-section testing. It also yields two dimensional and three dimensional devices. It applies to traditional ground tests.
It’s also competent in wire logging method, coal mine tunnel and groundwater testing. Gd-10 has an online monitoring mode. For long distance automatic testing or help in unmanned monitoring.

GD-10 Advanced RET Imaging System

GD-10 Supreme RES/IP 1D/2D/3D Imaging System

GD-20 is a new multi-channel electric law system, independent 5/12 channel design, high-density can measure up to 10 points at the same time, which substantial improves the field test efficiency. The GD20 can be used for self- Sensing, at apparent resistivity of Power and Testing. Compared with SINGLE-Channel Devices, The High-Density Improves Efficiency Test 2-3 Average Times, The Field Construction Greatly Reducing Period. The GD-20 is System Lightweight, Comes to Store Data Memory with The Multi-Channel Converter Box, the VES CAN, ERT, N-∞ Settings. of The ERT Test Meets The Requirements of High-Density 10-Channel Data Acquisition. of The N-∞ Gear Meets The Requirements of N to BE Devices Connected to Infinity The independent 10-channel design maximizes the test efficiency.

GD-20 Supreme  RES/IP  1D/2D/3D Imaging System


● Can measure the resistivity, time domain induced polarization method (IP) and spontaneous potential (SP);
● High power, wide range, high precision;
● Transmitter and receiver designed in one unit, light and portable;
● The unique sub-level a Centralized Cable the System the Realized of The Electrode Switching by CL-10 Cable Leader, NO Electrode limit the ON the Measurement, Which Features Light, Low cost and the Easy Operation
. and of The scrolling function the IS the Realized During Detection, Which the Improve of The Working Efficiency.
of the The Data Management Platform, Geomative Studio, breaks through the bottleneck of traditional embedded software, which enrich the software function greatly;
● Designed with built-in GPS, can accurately determine the measurement coordinates;

Powerful self-checking function for the high-quality data during measurement, including Grounding R test, switcher test and cable leader test.
● Communication port for USB data transfer;
● Real-time data valuation, the time window can be set in IP survey;
● High reliability, security and robustness, can use in extremely harsh weather.

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