Ground Resistance test equipment comparison between Geomative and ABEM in Penang Malaysia

Last update time : 04/03/2018

Author : zhang jie

Ground Resistance test equipment Comparison in Penang Malaysia

There are a lot of Electrical Resistivity equipment

The purpose of the test is to verify the data accuracy of the Geomative device and get the comparison between GD-10 and ABEM SAS devices, software features, cabling, ease-of-use, test time, data quality and so on.

The test site of these devices is on USM University Malaysia.


Comparison method:

GD-10 Supreme 2D system and ABEM Terrameter System

To get the comparison of each equipment the researchers used Schlumberger device with 41 electrodes, they tested the same environment and use 144V of electricity with 1m electrode spacing.

Function comparison

Software function comparison

(1) GD-10: Real-time, informative, multidimensional data shows that all the problems are spotted, even on location.

(2) Distributed deployment, simple wiring, the host can be placed in any location.

(3) Environmental inspection, grounding resistance test, simple and clear. Can be tapped vacant, skip the tap, to meet the complex test site applications?

Test time comparison

The GD-10 tests 380 points on the Schlumberger unit and the test takes 9 minutes.

ABEM test Schlumberger device 596 points, test time 43 minutes

Test the inversion result

From the inversion results, ABEM test data and GD-10 test data, the inversion results are basically the same. Test efficiency and test results are highly recognized by Dr.Rosli, Malaysia’s most famous geography professor.

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Last update time 04/03/2018

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