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Investigation of environmental pollution sites is based on geophysical methods and high-density electrical method as the core. With the aid of electromagnetic method and geo-radar method, the investigation of typical pollution sources is conducted. According to the physico-chemical properties of pollutants and surrounding media Difference, measuring the distribution status of its physical site, analyzing and estimating the distribution and migration of pollutants, and providing systematic and reliable site investigation techniques based on rapid, low-cost and non-destructive destructive measures.

★ Survey Range :

Environmental Pollution Site Investigation

Heavy metals, organic matter, toxic substances

Geological Prospecting and Geological Environmental Disaster Investigation

Find water, looking for ore, landslides, urban road collapse

★ tone equipment:

★ technical characteristics

1 non-destructive testing, less investment, high efficiency, comprehensive space, in situ lossless, fast.

2 acquisition time is short, the data can be live view real-time analysis

3 flexible configuration, scalability, and can be applied to a variety of unconventional tests to meet the 3D test conditions from the 1D test

4 environmental adaptability, either on the ground or underwater, or go down, can ease.

5 to replace the traditional “point” of the survey, showing “surface and space” information

★ ring class site investigation case sharing

Gas station oil leakage investigation

Purpose of the investigation: delineation of seepage area

Technical Methods: Ground Penetrating Radar Method, High Density Resistivity Method

Analysis and explanation of the survey results

* According to GPR-1 GPR test results and ERT-1 ground resistance imaging profiling test results (below) are pointing to the same suspected leak area

● The test site has not caused any impact on the business premises and the site environment has not been damaged (as shown in the following figure)

Investigation on Heavy Metal Pollution in Silver Farmland

1 Survey Purpose: Distribution and Depth of Heavy Metal Pollution Sites.

2 technical methods: induction electromagnetic method, high-density resistivity method, XRF fluorescence analyzer

3 survey results analysis and explanation




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