GS201 Distributed Seismograph

Product Introduction

  • The GS-201 distributed high-precision terrestrial seismometer uses a 32-bit high - precision sigma - delta ADC that supports 10,000 2D and 3D seismic surveys and supports 4000 lanes at 1 ms sampling interval . The instrument adopts the topology of industrial notebook, main control station, cross station and collection station, and is flexible and light; the exploration depth is from a few meters to several kilometers; and it is suitable for reflection, refraction, surface wave exploration, pile foundation detection, ground pulsation measurement, like, vibration measurement and velocity (shearseismic work wave) test issues; widely used in engineering geological exploration in the field of water, electricity, roads, railways, bridges, urban construction, transportation and groundwater, as well as for oil, coal, CBM, shale gas, metal and non -metallic mineral resources exploration and other fields. After laboratory and field comparative tests, the main technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, some of the indicators leading the world.

    GS-201 software interface


    Scope of application

    1. Foundation, subgrade and foundation

      investigation, foundation investigation, emptying investigation and lava exploration; classification of subsoil type and disease geological body investigation; subsoil investigation of physical properties of subsoil; reinforcement effect of foundation and quality inspection of backfill rolling compaction Depth and Concealed Bedrock Geological Structure Investigation.

    2. Project Tunneling

      Tunnel Inspection and Tunnel Surrounding Rock Classification; Concrete lining Quality Inspection; Tunnel bottom Inspection and Advanced Detection and Monitoring;. Vibration Monitoring

    3. Medium and Large-sized Reservoir Observation Operation

      Detection hidden Dangers' the DAMS; Reservoir Effect siltation siltation the Measurement and Inspection ;. Medium and Large-sized Water Conservancy Construction Dam, berms Detection

    4. Inspection Engineering Bridge

      Pier Foundation type Survey; abutment, Bridge, the Pile Concrete at Quality Inspection ;. Bridge Vibration Monitoring

    5. The Environmental and geological hazards detection and evaluation of

      landslides, karst, debris flow, goaf, active fault investigation.

    6. Metal, nonmetallic mineral exploration
    7. Coal, methane, shale gas, oil and other resources of two-dimensional and three-dimensional exploration



    Typical application

    • -24 Road, 48 Road, 96 Distributed Shallow Tester, Small Refractometer;
    • -96 Road -480 Road, two-dimensional engineering seismic exploration, two-dimensional resource seismic exploration;
    • 3D seismic exploration.


Função do produto

  • GS201功能





Características do produto




  • 前置放大器多档配置
  • 仪器自检功能强大
  • 仪器总体性能达到或超过国际先进水平
  • 仪器稳定可靠
  • 支持三维作业
  • 专业定制、高效率



  • 操作平台: 工业笔记本电脑,主要指标达到军品级
  • 操作系统: Windows XP
  • 文件格式: 支持SEG-2, SEG-Y, SEG-D 格式


  • 接口功能: 锤击、爆炸机、震源车接口
  • 工作电压范围: 10~15V
  • 功耗: 2W
  • 存储温度: -40~85℃
  • 规格尺寸: 200*150*70 mm
  • 重量: 2.5KG


  • 工作电压: 10~15V
  • 工作温度: -40~70℃
  • 存储温度: -40~85℃
  • 规格尺寸: 200*150*70 mm
  • 重量: 2.5KG
  • 接口功能: 站内电压、温度等状态监视


  • 模数转换器: 32-bit ∑-△ADC
  • 采样间隔: 4ms,2ms,1ms,0.5ms,0.25ms,0.125ms,62.5μs,31.25μs,15.625μs
  • 前放增益: 0, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 dB
  • 同步校正精度: 小于1μs
  • 噪声: 1.20μV(采样间隔1ms,前放增益0dB) 0.11μV(采样间隔1ms,前放增益36dB)
  • 单道功耗: 工作模式0.25W, 待机模式 0.10W
  • 动态范围: >124 dB
  • 谐波畸变: <-112 dB
  • 增益精度: <0.1%
  • 共模抑制比: >110 dB
  • 差分输入阻抗: 20KΩ/50nF
  • 满幅度输入: 3.75 Vpp
  • 阻带衰减: >140dB
  • 工作电压: 10~15V
  • 工作温度: -40~70℃
  • 存储温度: -40~85℃
  • 共模输入阻抗: 100KΩ
  • 重量: 2.5kg
  • 规格尺寸: 200*150*70 mm
  • 接口功能: 站内电压、温度等状态监视
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