Landfill Leachate Monitoring

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Landfill leak monitoring

In the past in general that rubbish and its leachate could be degraded (or purified) by clay and groundwater without contaminating the groundwater. Beginning in the 1950s, continuing research by several agencies in Western countries showed that landfills did contaminate groundwater. Therefore, the landfill impermeable lining system has become one of the indispensable facilities of landfill, its role is to insulate the landfill inside and outside, control leachate into the clay and groundwater and prevent outside water into the landfill by Large leachate production. Common materials for this system are mainly clay and synthetic materials, and HDPE is the most commonly used synthetic materials. Anti-seepage research is mainly based on the leakage of HDPE. In 1978, the U.S. Environmental Agency noted that all landfills would seep through; one of the best landfill linings in the United States in 1990 showed that in the best-quality and most expensive projects, the HDPE leakage rate Is 20L / (hm2 • d), the leakage is due to the manufacturing process left eyelets and holes left in the construction caused. In addition, due to the loopholes and HDPE generated during landfill, some chemicals can be allowed to pass through (such as toluene, xylene, methylene chloride, trichloroethane, etc.), the leakage rate will be greater and the pollution of groundwater will be even more Big. Therefore, in order to prevent groundwater pollution, landfill leak detection research is particularly important.

At present, every city has to deal with the increasing amount of MSW, and landfill is also an important way of garbage disposal at present. However, the existing problems of seepage of landfill leachate and its impact on the environment are self-evident. Therefore, Landfill leak monitoring, it is an urgent need to solve the problem. SaiYing veins geophysical methods of electrical analyzer, and network communications technology integration, the establishment of leachate online monitoring system. The system can detect the presence of geomembrane damage by monitoring the change in resistivity beneath the landfill and determine the location of the leak by measuring the potential difference.

Recently, SaiYingDianMi undertook a landfill leakage monitoring project, the landfill in XXX city, the site is roughly a triangular area, the bottom of the length of about 100m, the triangle is about 600m, the deepest landfill Department is about 100M, the whole as an inverted cone, the deepest near the bottom. At present, landfill sites have completed the excavation and impermeable membrane laying work.
The project uses the online monitoring system of SaiYingTaiMi in Shenzhen City. With Geomonitor products as its core, the project can judge whether the impermeable membrane in the landfill is damaged and whether leakage has occurred by continuously monitoring current and potential changes. Leakage of the general distribution and direction for the landfill operators to provide an objective basis.


Landfill case

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