Hyperscale IP Scanning

Last update time : 2019年3月29日

Author : zhang jie

Single IP equipment is confronted with the bottleneck of large data amount and long test time to carry out the high-power 3D IP test in high-power test scenes with large area and exploration engineering of high density. While, the high-power hyperscale IP cluster system adopts a scheme that one mainframe transmits and multiple receivers gather data. As each measuring line has an individual receiver to gather data, the measuring time can be saved exponentially.
Key points for implementation: Geomative PC remotely controls the transmitting and gathering of GD-10 mainframe. One GD-10 mainframe transmits and multiple GD-10 mainframes gather data simultaneously. Orders and data between PC and GD10s are transmitted through 485 line of communication. The synchronization of transmitting and reception is realized by the time lock between GD10 transmitter and receivers through GPS.
The system is mainly composed of the following modules:
GD-10 ERT IP system;
Customized Geomative upper-computer software on PC;
RS485 main control box module;
Electrical generator and high-power rectifier GP-5000.

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Last update time 2019年3月29日

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