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Last update time : 2019年3月29日

Author : zhang jie

GD-10 is a new product with more breakthroughs compared with the similar products as it has a large range of transmitting power and high signal precision. The original double-tap design and sectional lumped wiring brings an easier and more portable field-test wiring with higher efficiency. GD-10 is superior to the similar products of other brands in regard to the data accuracy and resolution, plus a significant reduction of test duration and enriched software functions. Comparisons between GD-10 and similar test equipment are as follows:

1.GD-10 v.s. AGI: a dam reconnaissance using GD-10 and the AGI method at Taiwan Hushan Reservoir;

2.GD-10 v.s. AGI: a comparative case at Heifangtai, Lanzhou;

3.GD-10 v.s. ABEM: a comparative test at the University of Malaysia.

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Last update time 2019年3月29日

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