Pollution site survey

Last update time : 2019年3月29日

Author : zhang jie

Soils and groundwater are the material basis upon which human beings depend. After 30 years of economic growth, China has greatly improved people’s living standards, but China also paid the price of serious pollutions in the natural environment. In this sense, pollution site testing takes on particular importance. Applications of Geomative electric products in site investigation are as follows:

  1. Underground soil pollution detection: Test specification of a printing and dyeing mill
  2. Petrol station leakage detection: Pollution detection—petrol station leakage testing
  3. Heavy metal pollution survey: Survey on heavy metal pollutions in an agricultural soil in Baiyin, Gansu
  4. Landfill pollution survey: Geophysical exploration at a landfill in Xiangyin
  5. Factory pollution detection and survey: Resistivity cross-hole detection in Taiwan
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Last update time 2019年3月29日

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