Underground pollution repair online monitoring program

Last update time : 2018年1月5日

Author : zhang jie

Soil and groundwater are the material basis upon which human beings depend. After 30 years of economic development in China, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, but we have also paid the price for seriously polluting the natural environment. The “Communique on the Investigation of Soil Pollution in China” issued in 2014 and the exposure of many pollution incidents in recent years all indicate that the problem of soil and groundwater pollution in our country is becoming increasingly prominent and seriously endangering our health. Therefore, the remediation of soil and groundwater in contaminated sites No delay. General Secretary Xi put forward “Green Water Mountain is Jinshan Silver Mountain.” The economic development in our country is in the process of transformation. The original development model at the expense of resources and environment has gradually been replaced by a new green and healthy economic model. The investigation and restoration of contaminated soils and groundwater will be the most advanced countries in recent years An important task.

The ultimate goal of remediation of contaminated sites is to completely remove contaminants, but also to the general public. More contaminated sites to soil replacement, mixing or clearing transport. Due to the different types of pollution, the difficulty of soil remediation will be different. Where contaminated sites where only shallow soils are contaminated and groundwater is not expanded, such as some illegal landfills, or small single oil spills, remediation can be done as long as contaminated soils are treated or replaced. However, as pollution expands into the groundwater layer, the movement of contaminants in groundwater can be very difficult to grasp, and the difficulty of repairing will be greatly increased. There are many blind spots and dilemmas to fix the site during this process. It is impossible to determine whether the restoration agent will reach the expected scope. If the injection of drugs can not be mixed with the role of pollutants, not only failed to repair the operation, and even secondary pollution problems. In this case, we can consider using geophysical methods to observe the change of soil resistivity before, during and after the pesticide filling to determine whether the pollution has moved and whether the agent reaches the expected range. The value of the early observation process can be used as the background value to compare the difference before and after. Moreover, the geophysical observation system can be set up and observed continuously. Finally, the data processing method of time-lapse data difference is used to analyze the percentage difference of electricity, which is the online monitoring technology for the remediation of contaminated sites .

In the case of groundwater contaminated sites, where chemical contaminants can not be completely replaced by soil contaminated sites and chemicals need to be injected into the wells to decompose the contaminants chemically or biologically, more repairs may need to be made according to the site conditions well. In addition to being used to fill healing agents, these recovery wells can also be used as geophysical well logging methods such as trans-aperture resistivity imaging. This method can upgrade the traditional two-dimensional to three-dimensional imaging, such as time-lapse, but also can be imaging 4D dynamic image effects. As the location of the repair well is fixed, the equipment such as the trans-hole electrode is set up when the repair well is established, and the change of the resistivity of the soil can be continuously monitored in the middle school of the restoration process to analyze the flow direction and distribution range of the repair agent. If Found that the effect of the drug failed to achieve the expected, you can promptly amended.

The system is mainly composed of the following modules:
1. DC method products;
2. Rainfall sensors;
3. Geomornitor controller;
4. Power module;
5. Geo Could cloud server;
6. Client software;

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Last update time 2018年1月5日

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