Taiwan Hushan dam online monitoring case

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  1. Background introduction

The test site for Taiwan Hushan reservoir, reservoir diagram is as follows:

Hushan Reservoir is a hilly area, roughly south-north direction, the northern tip of the tip-shaped mountain range, about 14 km north-south, east-west wide 4 to 5 km, the region about 500 meters about the flat hills. The hills with conglomerate and weak what, shale formed, as the anticline, conglomerate layer in the hills north and east. The dam crest width is 10 meters and the dam crest elevation is 216 meters. The slope of the upstream slope of the dam body is bounded by an elevation of 203.0 meters. The gradient of the downstream slope of the dam is 205.0 meters above sea level.

At present, reservoir safety inspection relies mainly on periodic and unscheduled reservoir safety inspection and assessment. Most of the assessment work is still based on visual inspection and monitoring data as the most direct first-hand safety diagnosis basis. These methods are mainly based on revelation and structure The state of the surface of the object does not provide the damage inside the structure and may damage the scope and path process. Therefore, consider the non-destructive geophysical method applied to a large area as an auxiliary tool for inspection and monitoring.

The monitoring section is located on both sides of the dam. The top of the dam is a concrete road with a width of 10 meters. The east side of the dam is filled with rocks and the west side of the dam is filled with earth and rocks.

The system used is Sairui vein company’s online monitoring system, the system software can change the resistivity data into stratigraphic structure chart, more intuitive. Through the network communication technology, it is possible to monitor the dam remotely without the need of engineers and technicians to go to the site, which is a powerful guarantee for the safe operation of the dam and the reservoir area. The specific system block diagram is as follows:

  1. Test purpose and method

In order to detect the existence of abnormal leakage area of ​​the dam and the internal structure of the overall detection, survey line layout is as follows :

1) Parallel to dam body dam surface

The main purpose is to test whether there are structural cracks in the horizontal section of the dam, as well as some of the leakage area, larger holes, using the potential failure mode analysis for 2D high-density resistivity test, measuring surface height from the dam about 60m Therefore, the detection depth is 60m and the length of the entire dam surface is 420m. The routine operation of the dam not only needs depth analysis data, but also has certain requirements on the resolution in the horizontal direction. Therefore, the ws device is used for detection and ws detection depth About 0.19 * line length, up to about 70m, in line with the monitoring of the required depth, and to meet the horizontal and vertical resolution sufficient.

2). Vertical to the dam

Although the vertical survey line arrangement is not easy to monitor the possible safety inspection problems of the whole dam in the future, it can be compared with the impoundment process or impoundment before the impoundment as a background value to assist in monitoring the changes inside the dam body, Contribute to project inspection.

Test real-time and remote operation diagram

Test Results

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