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Geomative CO., LTD., founded in 2011, located in Nanshan district, Shenzhen City Science and Technology Park, is a national high-tech enterprise engages in scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales and system integration.

Products. Geomative has a high-quality R&D team, and has proprietary intellectual property rights over the geological and geophysical equipment developed, produced and sold. The products cover direct current electrical instruments, magnetometers, seismographs, and high-power IP, etc., to provide customers with high-quality scientific research equipment and technical services. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions including America, Italy, India and Malaysia.

Services. Geomative provides three solutions to the customers: on-line monitoring, field survey and groundwater pollution remediation. To deal with the soil and groundwater pollution, which is both more insidious and hazardous, we can quickly locate the source of pollution and provide repair services. The environmental monitoring system, based on our independently developed geophysical instruments and TDR sensors, performs monitors environmental pollution and natural disasters online, leading in the idea and advanced in the technology. Geomative is dedicated to becoming the “attending doctor” of soils and groundwater.

Marketing philosophy: Geomative doesn’t push any geophysical instrument to the customers; instead, it helps the customers to choose the suitable geophysical product for their projects and research.

Renting service: As a Geomative customer, you have an access to more personalized services. When the project you are working on is interrupted due to equipment maintenance or failure, Geomative can lease the relevant matching equipment to ensure the progress of your work and prevent futile costs.

Training service: Geomative provides basic methods for the operation, use, wiring and data processing of geophysical instruments through training or communication with your technical personnel.

After-sales service guarantee:Geomative keeps track of each customer’s product usage, and keep the equipment in good condition through regular telephone interviews and customer feedback.

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